Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

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Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

Commercial Air Conditioning

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Hawke's Bay summers are long and hot and office conditions need to be cool to avoid having a sweaty staff riot on your hands. But which commercial air conditioning unit is best for your workplace?

There are a number of choices in air conditioning units for indoor office and retail environments. If you are looking for a compact and economical unit to suit your office decor, a 
Hi Wall Split System is a great option, providing lower operating costs and higher energy efficiency. With year-round temperature control, advanced filter systems and "set and forget" functionality, Degrees Ahead's Hi Wall Split Systems are perfect for your small commercial air conditioning needs.

Cassette air conditioning units by comparison sit quietly in the ceiling and offer easy configuration, adjustable directional louvres as well as that handy "set and forget" timer control. Alternatively, you may wish to consider a floor-standing console system with compact fan cooling and filtration. However, for larger offices and retail spaces you can't go past a Ducted Split System as your total cooling (and heating) solution. Offering a blend of economy and power, these units feature state of art technology and flexible control as well as high energy efficiency. Ducted Split Systems can control up to eight units, allowing you to maintain precise control over room temperature while still remaining compact and lightweight in design and flexible enough to suit a wide variety of building layouts. 

Whatever your commercial air conditioning need, here at 
Degrees Ahead we can guarantee we have a solution to fit. We offer obligation free quotes, so let us come to you to assess what will work best for your space, taking into consideration factors such as building size, the number of people in the office and natural light levels.We supply and install a range of high-quality commercial air conditioning systems, and have extensive experience carrying out the complete design and build process for many Hawkes Bay commercial operations including: 

  • Goodtime Foods in Onekawa
  • Apex Engineering in Hastings
  • Lowe Corporation in Pandora 

We ensure the right level of control and filtration in line with New Zealand building standards and regulations and with over 40 years experience servicing Hawkes Bay you can't beat us for expertise and support. Contact Degrees Ahead today to discuss your commercial air conditioning needs!