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Hawkes Bay summers are long and hot. Air Conditioning is a nice way to keep your family cool.

Daikin Heat Pump

It may seem like ski season is in full swing but soon enough the plants will start flowering and before you know it you'll be in the middle of a long hot Hawkes Bay summer. What better present to the family this Christmas but cool, fresh air. So go ahead and treat the family to air conditioning this summer from Diakin. Degrees Ahead provide a range of heat pump and air conditioning solutions, each of which we will profile over the coming months. Today, lets talk about Daikin.

Why Daikin do you say? Well, here's five good reasons.

Reason 1: It Comes With A 5 Year Warranty!

Daikin stand by their products. Daikin has a five year, parts and labour warranty. This is for all of their split, multi-split and ducted air conditioning units that have been professionally installed in domestic premises in New Zealand, When you purchase a Daikin Air Conditioning unit you have peace of mind that you will have years of hassle free operation.

Reason 2: They Are Super Quiet - Really Quiet

You know, temperature isn't the most important feature of an air conditioning unit; the amount of sound it makes is the key to cooling your home. Ambient noise should be minimal and the Daikin heat pumps are designed especially for quiet operation.

Some of Daikin's models come with a special 'Night Quiet' mode which lets you and your neighbours sleep more comfortably.

Reason 3: Maximum Energy Efficiency

Air Conditioning you say? Isn't that expensive to run? Well, it can be, but Daikin realise air conditioning can have a big impact on your energy bills. To help they have worked extremely hard to make their air conditioning units some of the most energy efficient units in the market. All of Daikin's heat pumps include advanced inverter technology. This makes for a more efficient operation with enhanced in-home comfort compared to traditional cooling solutions.

Reason 4: Quality Service

Since your Daikin is installed by a local specialist supplier you are only one quick phone call away for all technical enquiries. Even better, the local supplier maintains a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong you have prompt, local, professional support and service.

Reason 5: Health Benefits

Daikin's Split System heat pumps and air purifiers are approved by the Asthma Foundation NZ Sensitive Choice® program and is the only heat pump brand that carries the blue butterfly symbol.

How can I get one?

Daikin is only available through a Specialist Dealer Network, the benefit being that a Daikin Specialist Dealer can assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for your home. Click on this to get to Degrees Ahead, your Daikin Air Conditioning specialists for Hawkes Bay.  Perhaps even give them a call on (06) 843 5757.

Summer is only a few short months away.